Why choose Dynamic Private Investment Pools?

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Discover the latest evolution of Dynamic Private Investment Pools, which artfully combines Dynamic’s best-in-class portfolio managers to create cohesive portfolios that deliver strong diversification across a range of pure asset classes.


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Dynamic Funds is one of Canada’s most recognized asset management firms. We offer a comprehensive range of products and services, spanning every major sector, geographic region and investment discipline. Dynamic’s actively managed investment solutions add value to a wide variety of accounts, including fee-based, tax-advantaged, and customized high-net-worth programs.

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A Dynamic Private Investment Pool is really blending two concepts. One is individual security selection by individual portfolio managers into the second part, a cohesive portfolio that is designed to generate particular risk adjusted characteristics.

It offers clients a menu of choices. There's flexibility there and it really combines a great stock pickers across multi-asset classes, you know, multi geographies and multi styles. So, so there is some combination there that that's hard to get pretty much anywhere else.

A lot of the ground work is done by our portfolio management and then what we do as a portfolio team is we try to assemble those choices in a robust framework that we think will enhance the ride for an end user over time.

It's really a combination of one part art, one part science. So when the, where the art comes around, it's really getting to know the individual portfolio managers who contribute to these pools. The science comes in where you say, okay, now that we know these managers and how they choose stocks, how do we blend their choices together?

There are two types of clients that might, that might look or be interested in these pools. One would be, for example, someone looking for a very good foundation for the beginning of portfolio constructions. The other type of client is maybe someone who's missing a piece for their client’s portfolio, so it’s really a flexible system that we have in place for many different types of clients.

You know, I've been in the financial industry for 25 years.  My role and my team's role in the pools process is really about looking at performance monitoring, risk monitoring, and overall due diligence for the pools.

So we have a lot of experience behind our decisions, our choices and the way we pull portfolios together. And I think, you know, over time that just strengthens.


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Dynamic Funds® is a registered trademark of its owner, used under license, and a division of 1832 Asset Management L.P.