Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)

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Frank DiPietro, assistant VP of tax and estate planning at Mackenzie Investments, shares the prerequisites for setting up an RDSP and pre-budget rules.


MASTERCLASS: 2019 Federal Budget

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The budget proposed two additional modifications in an attempt to make it more accessible and easier to use for families who are looking to utilize this plan. The first one has to do with eligibility. One of the prerequisites for setting up an RDSP is that the individual needs to qualify for the Federal Disability Tax Credit, or the DTC. Once an individual goes through the process of setting up an RDSP, they're DTC eligible. Circumstances may change for that individual to the point where perhaps they are no longer eligible for the DTC in the future. Well, under pre-budget rules, what would happen is that individual would be forced to collapse their RDSP and, more importantly, would be forced to repay all of those government grants and bonds back to the government.

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