Navigating Opportunities in Commodity Index Trading

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  • 41 mins 30 secs

Navigating Opportunities in Commodity Index Trading

This webinar will explore the challenges and opportunities in today’s commodity market, with product experts from CME Group and Bloomberg offering insights by:

  • Providing an overview of recent market developments and trends
  • Exploring the evolution and performance of Commodity Index products and how investors are allocating these products in their portfolio
  • Reviewing recent Commodity Index price action and examining new trading opportunities
  • Discussing advantages and efficiencies of CME Clearing


  • Murphy Brennan, CME Group
  • Kartik Ghia, Bloomberg Index Services
  • Paul Woolman, CME Group
  • Anton Chuprun, CME Group

Learn more about CME Group Commodity Index Products, including contract specs, different ways to trade, and more.

Channel: CME Group
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