History of ETFs

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Ahmed Farooq of Franklin Templeton Investments Canada discusses the history of ETFs, fees and taxation.


MASTERCLASS: ETFs - November 2019

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Yeah, it just comes back down to the history of ETFs. And when it all started and even going back to the fee part is that ETFs are low cost because they don't transact, and in people's heads they think that it's an index you're not buying anything, you're just buying one time and it's kind of going on its own. The taxation is amazing, there's no capital gains, but again, you have to look at the inside to figure out that. And as the ETFs industry is evolved, I think even for a traditional, mutual fund company to come in and say, hey, we're launching ETFs, in the advisors mind and the psychology of the mind's like, oh, it's going to be low cost passive. And you're like, actually, an ETF is an open end mutual trust what we put inside is a package. It could be an active manager, it could be smart beta, it could be tilted in every direction, all it is you're getting an ETF or a mutual fund of the stock exchange.

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