Hemp: The Canadian Advantage

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Khurram Malik of Jacob Capital Management Inc. explains why the U.S. doesn't have the infrastructure of the federal programs to compete with Canada in the hemp market.


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I think so, if you look at hemp expertise after China, I think we're the largest producer of hemp and we supply a lot of non-CBD based hemp into the US market today. Yeah, that's an expertise we have the Americans don’t have; they just don't have it. Also, they don't have the infrastructure, right. If you drive by the heartland of the States, you see these silos, they're corn silos, or they're wheat silos. There's nothing else in between. Where are you going to build the hemp silo? There's nothing there to do it. I think as Vijay reiterated; I think our lead is going to remain for a while. It's not going any time soon, and most Canadian companies are very happy that the Us haven't got their act together in terms of the federal program, because yeah, we're missing out on the size of the US market to some degree, or mostly Canadian companies but we're killing it overseas in other countries, and we're very happy.

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