Factors in Focus: During COVID, inflation and economic uncertainty ahead

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  • 08 mins 27 secs
Global equities continued to rally and reached all-time highs in the third quarter despite the rising number of COVID-19 cases and estimates of a large economic slump.

Hitendra Varsani, Executive Director, Core Research at MSCI shares style factor trends in Q3, how changes in the market impacted factor performance and what’s next based on our market models.


Factor Investing

In the realm of investing, a factor is any characteristic that can explain the risk and return performance of an asset. For over 40 years MSCI, starting with Barra, has researched factors to determine their effects on long term equity performance. MSCI has developed Factor Indexes and Factor Models in consultation with the world’s largest investors and has research backed by four decades of Factor data compiled by a 200+ global research team.

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