Factor Investing State of the Union 2020

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  • 56 mins 43 secs
We can all agree that 2020 has been an unprecedented year both personally and economically. Within the economic and investing arena we are in unchartered territory but are committed to providing transparency, insight and intelligence in order to build better portfolios.

To discuss the current factor investing landscape, esteemed industry panelists come together to share the latest factor research, investment philosophies and how to implement factors in order to build better portfolios. Investors will learn the following:
  • How factors can better inform the investment process to help investors meet their objectives by providing a better understanding of risk and return drivers.
  • Practical factor applications and solutions
  • Best practices for portfolio implementation.


Factor Investing

In the realm of investing, a factor is any characteristic that can explain the risk and return performance of an asset. For over 40 years MSCI, starting with Barra, has researched factors to determine their effects on long term equity performance. MSCI has developed Factor Indexes and Factor Models in consultation with the world’s largest investors and has research backed by four decades of Factor data compiled by a 200+ global research team.

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