ETF Trends in the U.S.

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Andres Rincon of TD Securities discusses the growing appetite for customized ETFs and ESG strategies.



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Customization has become a big thing in the U.S. where you have a lot of companies offering the ability to get into an ETF portfolio and it's fully customizable. Many of these will involve ESG strategies already, but they might involve a variety of different strategies really. I think that's maybe the future where we can start seeing that in Canada.
But back to the point that you were referring to originally, ESG strategies are all SRI strategies too. They've been growing quite substantially in the US. What's interesting is we just came back from Inside ETFs down in the U.S. and every other panel was an ESG strategies, so it's something that over the last few years we haven't really seen. Obviously, there's been a lot of talk about the growth of these strategies. AUM's growth has been moderate I would stay. But when it comes to interest in them, they've grown quite substantially.

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