ETF Growth

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Prerna Chandak of Mackenzie Investments describes the growth of ETFs in Canada and all the new issues coming to market.


MASTERCLASS: ETFs - November 2019

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There's still a continuous number of new ETFs coming to market first of all, lots of new issuers coming to market. And we're seeing the ETF industry in Canada grow, which is great news for Canadian investors, the more products we have available locally, the better it is for Canadian investors. We're also seeing a lot of different types of products come to market, right? And it's not just about index. There's a lot of products within strategic beta and active that continue to provide investors with more choice. And cost is becoming more important across the entire investment spectrum, and we're seeing a variety of product across the fee spectrum come to market. So, lots of change happening. It's not an ETF or a fun narrative either. We've seen flows, ebb and flow essentially between funds and ETFs. And funds are still quite relevant to investors, in particular segments of the market just as ETFs are continuing to become more relevant for investors. And we're seeing more types of users come to market, right? It's not just about do it yourself investors or advisors, we're seeing an increasing number of Canadian institutions as well seek that exposure up North that they typically have gone down to the U.S for.

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