ESG ETF Challenges

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Ahmed Farooq of Franklin Templeton Investments Canada gives an overview of some of the challenges that come with ESG due to differing opinions.


MASTERCLASS: ETFs - November 2019

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And it's so hard to get everyone, you bring out a product, you talk about your process, you talk about your methodology. And one person may have a big on the E but not the S or the G or one is a big on the G doesn't really care about E, he he's like the contacts I don't want it, but I really care. So it's very hard to really maneuver with a product that will make the masses happy, because what I found is that when ESG products are launched, they'll go through the individual product stock names. I like these five, I don't like these. This one does this to this people. So, it's very difficult to really get the right product because everybody's got their opinions and then their client has their opinions on top of that. But I agree with you on the fact that it is a lot of firms are moving in that direction, Franklin Templeton has been a really big priority for us. But to make everyone happy is very difficult

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