CPIB Loses 4.2%, TD Pay Raise, New CSTA President

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The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board lost 4.2% last quarter, lowering its net assets to $523 billion, compared to $539 billion at the end of the previous quarter. Despite the negative returns, the fund still outperformed returns for leading global indices, many of which fell by double-digits.

As the Big Six banks compete for young talent, Investment Executive reports that TD Wealth is raising pay for its new planners. While TD wouldn't reveal by how much, a spokesperson did say that the bump up in salary would be for first and second-year planners, with a higher base for those with the CFP designation.

Finally, John Christofilos is the new President of the Canadian Security Traders Association. While maintaining his role as Chief Trading Officer at AGF Investments, John will operate as the liaison between all of C-S-T-A's Affiliates and the U.S.-based Security Traders Association.
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