Capital Gains: Reelection Implications

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Georgina Blanas, Executive Director of Private Capital Markets Association of Canada, explains why he thinks a reelection would restrict capital gains.


MASTERCLASS: 2019 Federal Budget

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When it comes to capital gains, at the end of the day, what we had before worked, and it stimulated the economy, and loosening those strings and putting that back into play provides more wealth in people's pockets and that responsibility with the education of advisors to reinvest in the economy. If this government's reelected, I think more will come out that is going to be very restrictive, in terms of our economy, and I have serious concerns about that because we compete as a country, and a lot of our money flows south to many areas that we're aware of, and we need to create an economy where people can use their capital, grow their capital, and keep it here as well and do as they wish, because we've got enough restrictions within our interprovincial barriers, in terms of how an investor can actually act at the end of the day.

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