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The Best and the Rest: Measuring the Efficacy of Alternative Strategies

Canadian financial advisors have rapidly adopted liquid alternatives in portfolios to the tune of over CA$25* billion since the Canadian Securities Administrators democratized access to alternative assets and strategies for Canadian retail investors three years ago.

Research undertaken by Picton Mahoney’s Portfolio Construction Consultation Service (PCCS) takes a deep dive to uncover how effective Canadian liquid alternative strategies have been at delivering on the outcomes that advisors and investors are seeking.

Mike Lynds, Managing Director, Head of Retail Business speaks with Robert Wilson, CFA, Head of PCCS and Pawan Vatvani, CFA, Director, Portfolio Construction on the results of their research and the proprietary scorecards they built to measure how effective alternative strategies have been at reducing portfolio risk, providing portfolio diversification and improving the quality of returns in portfolios. Robert and Pawan also provide key considerations for advisors who are seeking to add liquid alternative strategies into their client portfolios.

*Morningstar Direct. As at February 2022.