Active Fixed Income

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Prerna Chandak of Mackenzie Investments talks about the active fixed income conversation with advisors and the decisions they are making around cost.


MASTERCLASS: ETFs - November 2019

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Active fixed income has been a conversation we've been having on the ETF side with advisors for three and a half years now and I completely agree. There’re advisors who are struggling to figure out what to do with that segment of their portfolio. And so, we have certainly seen an uptake of usage. But it still comes down to the fee budget, and it comes down to outcome orientation for a particular client. And we still go into conversations with advisors who say, yeah, I've been using your active fixed income ETF and it's great, performance has been great. I feel still uncertain. I want to cut my fee; I want to move into a passive offering. And that's the decision that advisors are still making, and its cost related.

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